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Our specialty pharmacy team is dedicated to servicing your patients’ every need and collaborating with you to ensure seamless continuity of care with regard to medication administration. We commit to providing direct communication with regard to the following:

Status of your referrals

We will follow up with the patient’s insurance if there is a delay in filling the prescription. If additional information is required, we will advise you of the information that is needed and continue the prescription process. We want your primary focus to be on patient care, and we will take care of the logistics related to medication needs.

Updates on medication coverage

We will collaborate with manufacturer assisted programs and relevant non-profit organizations to help alleviate any financial strain that your patients might be experiencing.

We are cognizant that every patient is unique, and that effective treatment encompasses much more than just providing the medication you prescribe. Once you entrust your patient to our care, we commit to providing the following services:

  • Prior authorization assistance
  • Home delivery
  • Comprehensive medication management
  • Updates with regard to medication compliance
  • Medication synchronization
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We are deeply committed to the well-being of your patients, and we treat each patient with the compassion and care that they deserve. We commit to working with your patients through each step of the pharmaceutical process, from prior authorization all the way to delivery. Preveon Specialty strives to ensure that the entire process is reliable and seamless and that your patients can focus all of their attention on their recovery.